Welcome to Andelsman Law, a New York based boutique law firm, focused on Private Lending and Commercial Real Estate transactions. At Andelsman Law, our unwavering commitment is to provide expert legal representation to our clients. Unlike many other law firms, we pride ourselves on maintaining a singular focus without any distractions from ancillary businesses. This allows us to dedicate our full attention and resources to delivering the highest level of skilled legal guidance and representation to our clients.

Since 1994, Andelsman Law has built a strong reputation as trusted advisors to Private Lenders and investors, alike. Through our extensive transactional experience, we have honed our skills in documenting, structuring and negotiating deals, mitigating risks, and protecting our clients’ interests. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond transactional expertise. We understand the importance of building lasting relationships with our clients. We take the time to understand your goals, challenges, and risk tolerance, allowing us to provide personalized guidance and support. Our collaborative approach ensures that we are by your side every step of the way, providing clear and effective communication throughout the entire process.

Our expertise and dedication in navigating economic cycles and challenges have made us the go-to choice for lenders and investors. With a wealth of experience representing our clients in thousands of transactions, we are proud to offer unparalleled legal services tailored to meet your specific needs.

By prioritizing our core mission of legal excellence, we ensure that our team of attorneys, paralegals and admin team possess a deep and comprehensive understanding of the private lending transactions. We stay up to date with the latest legal developments, industry trends, and best practices to provide our clients with accurate and effective guidance and advice.

A Message from Larry Andelsman

Since 1994, the Andelsman Law Team has been primarily focused on the Private Lending/Hard Money marketplace, and through our work with clients throughout the United States, have built a reputation for skillfully representing lenders, developers and individuals, in a wide variety of real estate and corporate transactions, nationwide.  Located in the New York metropolitan area, we are also recognized for our experience handling CEMA transactions.

The Andelsman Law team works with lenders in different capacities and often times serves as the outside closing department for our clients, handling title and entity reviews, loan documents, closing coordination and settlement.  Our entire team is 100% committed to providing our clients with the expert representation, superior communication and guidance, and real-time visibility through all stages of client interaction, to ensure that they remain informed, and that each deal results in a smooth, successful transaction.

Having the personal experience of having bought and sold over 100 properties, enables me to offer credible insights to my clients including the ability to analyze any given transaction from all angles, a distinct advantage that other law firms simply cannot offer.  Additionally, having navigated the challenges in 2008, as well as other cycles of financial instability, our team has the knowledge, experience and skill to manage and guide our clients through the legal complexities of the mortgage banking crisis, to help them mitigate risks and find viable solutions to their financial challenges.   

The Andelsman Law team has the knowledge, experience, systems and processes to execute and effectively help our clients get deals closed quickly, while fully protecting their investment.  We call this The Andelsman Advantage.  When you work with Andelsman Law, you can rest assured that you are extremely well represented and that your investment well protected. 

Ian Axelrod, Esq, Senior Counsel

Ian is an accomplished attorney with over 10 years’ experience representing private lenders, financial institutions, investors, developers, and domestic and international high net worth individuals and investment groups in all facets of lending, borrowing, acquisitions and other real estate matters.  Ian has represented prominent lenders, developers, property operators, business owners, and investors for both residential and commercial property development projects. Ian provides counsel on the acquisition, renovation, and lease of multi-family, mixed use, condominium and various other real estate projects.  Prior to joining the firm, Ian was the Managing Attorney at The Shiponi Law Firm, P.C. and, Associate at The Law Offices of Frederick J. Giachetti, P.C.

Ian graduated from SUNY at Buffalo in 2007 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science, Public Law Concentration.  He earned his Juris Doctor degree from Touro College, Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center in 2010, and was admitted to the New York Bar Association in 2011.