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Andelsman Law is a commercial & residential real estate law firm with a recognized reputation for skillfully representing lenders, developers, and individuals in a wide variety of real estate transactions.

The Firm occupies a unique position among New York law firms with its extensive knowledge of residential and commercial real estate transactions, private and commercial lending, and industry-related issues essential to its clients.

Founded in 1994 by Lawrence Andelsman, the Firm has represented a diverse group of developers, commercial and private lenders, and small to mid-size growing businesses in all aspects of real estate transactions and related corporate matters.

The attorneys at the Law Offices of Lawrence Andelsman, P.C. are committed to providing excellent service and communication to clients while diligently navigating transactions to a smooth conclusion.

Complementing the attorneys, the Firm’s experienced staff of paralegals provides personalized attention to every client.

Getting to Know Lawrence Andelsman

The entrepreneurial aspect of the legal industry piqued my interest during my senior year of college. Having the autonomy to explore the possibilities that lie at the intersection of law and business and create something truly unique inspired me to establishmy own firm.
At the end of the day, the legal and real estate industries are people-centric professions. The human dynamic is what motivates me on a daily basis to pursue new opportunities and forge new relationships. From an organizational standpoint, I feel truly blessed to be working with such talented colleagues that share a mutual interest in delivering the absolute best client experience. Our clients are innovative, hard-working individuals and it is indescribably rewarding to be able to directly contribute to their successes. The Andelsman Law team and our clients, collectively, keep me just as excited headed into the office as I was 30 years ago when I started.

Believe it or not, we weren’t always solely focused on the real estate sector. The firm was a general practice initially. As a recent law school graduate, my focus was primarily on building a strong client base and establishing a reputation for unparalleled clientservice and reliable legal advice—and although we’ve shifted focus as far as the area of law that we specialize in since those early days, those values still remain at the heart of everything Andelsman Law does. Our concentration in real estate commenced in 1999, when I began representing a number of major investors operating in the NYC metropolitan area. This experience allowed me to gain an intimate understanding of all aspects of the the fix and flip business, including, sourcing deals, financing, construction and sales. This invaluable experience afforded me the opportunity specifically tailor Andelsman Law services to the needs of investors and hard money lenders.

As a result, I steadily garnered a reputation as go-to legal counsel for investors, real estate operators and hard money lenders. I then launched my own real estate company, where I bought and sold over 100 properties and further increased my knowledge base, allowing me to offer credible insights to my clients as my considerable experience allows me to analyze any given transaction from all angles—a distinct advantage that other law firms simply cannot offer.

Following the market correction in 2008, I continued to assist private/hard money lenders successfully navigate the new market dynamics. In that considerably distressed market our practice was centered on representing developers and lenders throughout the rebuilding phase of the economy. The steady emergence of Wall Street investors in the real estate investment space starting in 2010 permanently altered market dynamics as it became increasingly institutionalized. We began seeing more hedge funds move into the sector that necessarily prompted a shift in terms of increased scale—there was now a nationwide focus these new players brought to the industry. Given my first-hand experience in the real estate and investment niche, I was able to establish productive relationships with leading lenders and the new capital providers. That progressed to a point where our firm is now recognized as the preeminent legal services provider for private lenders.

About Andelsman Law

Accordion Sample DescriptionThe quality and commitment of our employees sets us apart from the competition. We are united in our commitment to unmatched transparency and superior communication during all stages of client interaction. Having been personally involved with countless real estate transactions myself, our firm truly understands the diligence and urgency associated with every deal. From our perspective, there is no such thing as “over-communication”—we pride ourselves in being accessible and effective professionals that bring actionable and trusted insights that optimize our clients’ business model.
We offer the best of both worlds: an intimate understanding of all aspects of the real estate and investment industries as well as the comprehensive legal support of a traditional law firm. This rare duality allows us to simultaneously provide lenders with knowledgeable advice while taking care of all of their legal needs. Our clients know they can always reach out to me personally to address their concerns, which is something that you simply cannot get with larger corporate firms.
Our plans for the future involve striving to operate more efficiently to better serve our clients’ ever-evolving needs. As the marketplace continues to develop, we are prepared to adjust and grow along with it. We plan to continually integrate new technologies into our workflow and leverage the power of automation while still retaining the unmatched personal attention and commitment that has gotten us to where we are today. Our goal is to streamline our business process to the greatest extent possible so that we can focus on what matters most: responding to the needs of our clients and offering creative, effective solutions to each and every one of their issues.


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