Providing Counsel and Leadership – Decisions to Make in Spring of 2020

During these uncertain times, leading with experience and confidence and providing exceptional service and communication is essential. We believe that the real estate market and lending environment will return in a strong steady manner over the coming months. We draw upon our extensive experience handling significant market changes and disruptions, including 9/11, the 2008 Economic and real estate crisis, and Superstorm Sandy. What we have discovered is with each downturn and disruption, opportunities will arise. It is important to us that our clients thrive and be ready to take advantage of these opportunities. Use this time to get ahead and to create processes to ensure that when the time comes, your business is set up for success.

Recent reporting shows that over 71% of attorneys are inexperienced and unprepared for the changes that have occurred and are unable to adjust during and following a crisis. As private lending attorneys or any attorney, it is our role to provide counsel and guidance for our clients, particularly in a crisis. Whether it be a global pandemic or a daily “crisis” involving closings, corporate matters, contracts, and real estate transactions, we are skilled to provide advice, counsel, and leadership.

If you need answers during this time, we will guide and advise you on the best practices to move forward. We are making the appropriate adjustments to all matters to protect and best serve our clients for potential COVID-related issues. Our 25+ years of experience have prepared us to steadily lead and counsel during these times. We are prepared and will guide our clients through these next steps so that all come back strong, confident, and primed for success.

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